Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Frantic week

The second week of kiddie absence turned out to be a frantic writing experience. Some editing, work on two shorts in Swedish, a couple of pieces of flash and of course preparations for a few exams I plan to pass as I signed up for them earlier this year.

My daughter returned Saturday with my wife in tow, even though I'm certain Bea would describe it as being the other way around, but being the wife in question her point of view is of course skewed and highly subjective. Simone, that would be the daughter superior, flashed me a big grin, switched off her interest and started rummaging around for a snack. Jet lagged was something she forgot all about, and not until 3.30 am did she recall what her mental clock was. Don't we love parenthood?

These last mornings she's allowed me to sleep almost to six o'clock in the morning, and it is with some certainty I believe that my wife is grinning silently at the prospect of being the width of Sweden apart for a few days while she recovers a semblance of proper sleep.


Anonymous said...

Your insights does you credit ;-)

The Wife TM

Sten Düring said...