Monday, April 30, 2007


The title is the name for today. At least in Swedish. Last of April is traditionally a day of bonfires. However, here in Gothenburg, Valborg has become associated more with a university than anything else. For about a century freshmen attending the university of technology have taken to the streets in a caravan of wagons, each a show depicting some event during the years that passed.
Around a quarter of a million line the streets, climb trees or simply gather in open windows and balconies to watch the spectacle. I guess this is the fun part, the part we like to brag about. Sadly enough as traditional a part follows -- binge drinking.
Well, I refused to become downcast by this. Like most of my fellow people here I'll watch the greeting of spring, enjoy what promises to be a sunny but cold day and simply turn a blind eye to the disgrace trailing the festivities.

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